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Why active wear brands should use varied sized women?

Posted on May 04 2018

Back in early 2017 I wrote a blog post about how very few brands use varied sized models. Until that point I had only seen a few brands use different shape and size models.

For me this was so frustrating. Being a girl who is curvy and usually a UK12/ 14 id constantly doubt myself whether I should be the same size as these models either on a picture, magazine or even the maniquens in the shop.

I most admit that turning in 2018 more brands are starting to use more women or different sizes. This makes women feel that fitness is completely inclusive and you don’t need to be a certain “body type”

Brands such as NIKE are huge culprits of doing this. Even within their shops their mannequins are a small.

I am so passionate about promoting self-love and confidence in your own skin and this is why I have such strong opinions about this topic. I believe that brands are still limiting themselves by doing this. 

Theres huge number of extremely talented women who are curvy and larger than your average ‘fitness models’. Why not use them! 

Of course brands want beautiful stunning girls on the front covers of their shops, but my question would be does this really relate to the every day you and me?

Surely being more connected with their consumers would benefit both society and their business?

I think the fitness industry has a lot to learn, especially where active wear is concerned.

Although I've never felt like I couldn't wear these brands I wonder how plus size, curvier women feel when they go into shops.

I also think about young women growing up - we all know that growing up is hard enough but having all of these ‘fitness models’ placed in front of them by these brands doesn’t help. Society is so fixated on body image it’s damaging our society!

I don’t think it helps young women with understanding that it doesn’t matter how much you weigh or what size you are, as long as you are healthy and happy. 

Brands need to promote health over  aesthetics. Let's make it acceptable and the norm for women to love themselves in whatever active wear they choose.

Fearless complete encompasses exactly what I feel the fitness industry should show. Diverse women, fitness inclusivity and confidence! It’s making a path way in which I hope more brands will follow in time especially the larger brands! 

Best wishes,
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