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Spring Clean Your Fitness with Renee

Posted on September 11 2018


About 40% of everything you do is out of habit which means almost half the time, you’re operating on instinct, following in-built neural habits. And sometimes in spring, there are just a few winter habits you’ve just got to ditch.
Try these switches to up your game and spring clean your fitness!

Winter ditch: Weekend Down Time
Spring hitch: Weekend Active Adventure
When the weather’s cold, cuddling up on the couch with a good movie and a glass of wine seems like the perfect day off, but now the temperature’s rising and your goals have changed, your body’s craving movement, so reward yourself with active pursuits, not couch time. Allocate some of your weekend to going an an active adventure! Rope in a friend each week and try something new – dance, circuit, parkour, yoga, explore a local walk trail, hire a SUP board or go do a surfing lesson. It doesn’t have to be intense, it just has to make you feel good. We guarantee this kind of active fun on the weekend will help keep the momentum going over the week!

Winter ditch: Workout After Work
Spring hitch: Workout Before Work
Getting a workout in before you hit your desk can give you an awesome little bit of ‘me time’ and kick-start your metabolism. Plus, you’re less likely to have unexpected work ‘stuff’ (hello deadlines and meetings) pop up and disturb your workout plans at 6am! HOT TIP: Use the 5-second rule to get your butt out of bed when the alarm goes off, rather than hitting snooze just count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, then get UP!

Winter ditch: Solo Sweat Sessions
Spring hitch: Group Training or a PT
The people you surround yourself with regularly will determine your success and there’s no better time to find a group of motivated, goal-driven people striving for fitness wins than in the spring time. If you don’t have a local fitness community that inspires you, seek out the help of a passionate personal trainer to keep you on track. Positive energy is infectious and having some accountability is always a winner!

Winter ditch: Indoor Training
Spring hitch: Outdoor Training
Sunshine, cool breeze, greenery, blue skies, flowers blooming, birds chirping… What better reward for your daily workout than fresh air and an awesome view? Research has actually proven just 10 minutes of outdoor activity is enough to lift your mood for the entire day.

Winter ditch: Workout with intensity 1-2 times per week
Spring hitch: Workout with intensity 3-4 times per week
In winter, we often find ourselves winding things back a little, giving our body a break and just maintaining some level of consistency. Then spring hits and we feel like its time to get our body back into gear! Set yourself a spring training goal for example moving your body for at least 60 minutes each day and plan for at least 3-4 of your weekly sessions to be more intense, heart-pumping workouts. Now is a great time to start getting your fitness levels back up there again in time for all those spring and summer adventures!

Winter ditch: Dress Warm
Spring hitch: Dress For Fun
Those winter layers have got to go! When you feel good, you workout better. Treat yourself to a cool new pair of tights or shoes, or if you’re penny-pinching, a few cheap and bright new singlets to make your workout feel brand new.

Winter ditch: Sunday Night Moaning
Spring hitch: Sunday Night Planning
You double your chances of working out if you’ve planned your sessions as part of your week, so use Sunday nights to get inspired! Whip out your calendar and literally schedule your workouts. Book and pay for your spots at the classes you want to attend in advance, write your own personal workouts for the week if your plan is to hit up the gym solo, or watch inspirational fitness videos and write down what the instructors do to try out yourself. A little bit of planning like this can really help you start the week with a, “can’t wait to get moving” headspace.

By Renee Cabassi
Mother of one. Owner of BUF Girls Bayswater. Fitness instructor. High School Physical, Health and Outdoor Education Teacher. Renee is passionate about helping women of allages fall in love with fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She’s a strong believer in the positive influence being a part of a group or team can have on one’s wellbeing. She also believes when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, simplicity is key. Through BUF Girls Bayswater, Renee aims to educate and empower women to confidently make health related decisions for themselves.

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