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“Self” is not a dirty word

Posted on March 17 2018

We’ve all thought it and probably even said it out loud at some stage… “I’m know I’m being selfish, but…”.


There’s this idea instilled in all of us that putting ourselves first is something to be ashamed of, but I’d like us to spin that idea on its head because, really, it makes no sense.


Let’s ask ourselves this: if we aren’t happy in ourselves, if we aren’t fulfilled, satisfied, confident, positive, energetic, and enjoying life, how can we possibly hope to be any good for those we love? Surely, being selfish enough to love ourselves is the best thing we can each do for ourselves and each other.


I know this to be true due to my study and experience in mind-body medicine as a holistic health coach. Our heads and our hearts are so intertwined with our bodies that if we’re unhappy, stressed, or experiencing any state of dis-ease, then it is more than likely our bodies are going to manifest that “dis-ease” in illness or ailments. The better we feel inside, the better we will be outside, for ourselves and for others.


But that’s not to say I always live by my own example, as much as I try to!


If you’ve seen any of my or posts from last month, you’ll know it was a pretty tough one at our place. Byron, my husband, had a major bowel obstruction (a side effect of previous surgery) and ended up being rushed to hospital, where he eventually had surgery and they removed 4cm of his bowel. And, the operation was the good part… Like I said, it was tough.


He was so weak due to not eating and exhausted from the pain and lack of sleep. I was running around on auto-pilot, in the hospital with Byron, getting him what he needed and helping him stay strong through the pain and anxiety as best I could. I cleared my work schedule as much as possible, but some stuff just doesn't wait and come day three, I was feeling the pressure of trying to juggle everything, as well as the emotional strain of seeing Byron in so much pain.


I needed to re-group within myself, re-find my inner balance and strength, revitalize my energy, nourish my soul, in order to give Byron everything he needed.


So, the next morning, I got up and instead of rushing straight to the hospital at 5am, I did my oil-pulling while I stretched, I did my priming exercises and I went for a run. I was still there by 9am, but those few hours I’d dedicated to me, gave me the strength to then dedicate the rest of my day to Byron. I stronger because of it. I was stronger for Byron because of it. The following day, I made time to get out for a quick dive in the ocean. The difference it made? HUGE!! I never once thought about how knackered or stressed I was. Because I wasn’t. I instantly felt the difference from the days before when I was running on empty and I thought to myself:


 “Sometimes, you’ve got to be selfish to be self-less, and there’s no shame in that.”


Byron’s all well now. He’s been home for a while and he’s eating and drinking like usual. Haha! Thinking back over it now and those days after the op… How we celebrated his farts and poos, as they were his ticket to come home…!! Well, you’ve got to find something to laugh at, right?!


But seriously, my message is this: make sure your cup is full to over-flowing, so you have enough good stuff to share with those you love. They need to strong, happy, positive, and feeling confident, just as much as you do.


This four-letter S word has absolutely nothing dirty about it. Actually, it’s the most important word in all our lives, so celebrate it and celebrate you. Love. Your. Self.


Stay juicy,


Carla xxx


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