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Inspiring Women - Libby Babet

Posted on May 23 2018



Welcome to our latetest Inspiring womens blog. Today we speak to one of Australia's top fitness and wellness trainers Libby Babet. Libby shares how she is leading tribes of women across the country to embrace and enjoy healthy movement and how she had to overcome her own health setbacks. 

Your one of Australia's favourite fitness experts, what inspired you to have a career in fitness?

Aww shucks guys! My original degree and career path were in journalism, but I made the switch to fitness when a life-threatening heart condition gave me a wake-up call and made me incredibly curious about the kind of impact nutrition and movement play in maintaining health, energy, and vitality. I also realised just how important my own health was to me, and how impactful understanding the basics of good, holistic health could be for so many people. I was incredibly inspired to create a healthy movement for women, and to do it in a seriously fun and educational way!

You run a fitness business called BUF Girls. What does BUF stand for? And how did it start?
BUF Girls was my very first business and it was created around the qualities I’d realised through my own health struggles were incredibly important to the health and happiness of a woman - (B)eautiful friendships, (U)unstoppable bodies, (F)earless mindsets. We aim to connect women in a fun environment, help them become fit and healthy in a sustainable way, and encourage them to develop a positive approach to life and their health. Any girls reading this can join our community via our life-changing 6-week online program, Totally BUF. The next round kicks off June 4th at

At Fearless we are all about encouraging women to embrace their bodies live their life without fear. What does the word fearless mean to you?  And what moments in your life have you had to become fearless?

Feeling fearless to me is certainly not about living without fear, I think that’s quite impossible! It’s more about having the tools in place to stand strong when fear comes knocking, to think around problems rather than seeing them as roadblocks, to understand that every new stage of your life will require a different version of you, and to embrace challenges as growth opportunities, rather than being scared of them.


Winter is around the corner and motivation can dwindle. What are your top wellness tips to survive the winter struggles?

Ahhh winter, it’s a tough one! I always like to think of motivation as kind of like building a fire. A fire doesn’t just appear and disappear, you have to slowly stoke it! Start with some kindling, add a few twigs, then some sticks, then some bigger logs, and finally you have a roaring fire that will keep you warm. The fire will only go out if you stop tending to it. Motivation is the same kind of thing - you need to continually make small efforts to stoke the fire inside of you, then keep that up for good! This means creating a movement culture for your life - if you miss the gym, do a home workout on an App (I love the Body Burner classes on the ZOVA App, or the on-demand workouts, mobility and stretch sessions on The Daily Burn App), or turn off the TV, rug up and take a walk after dinner! If you really hate exercising in the winter chill, switch your morning/evening sessions up for shorter lunchtime workouts - you’ll also score a nice focus boost for the afternoon. And join my #WalkaboutSunday movement by going out for a longer hike or walking adventure on your weekends!

We all have inspiring women in our life. Who has helped inspire you to become the woman you are today?

Probably the women closest to me. My mum, who always taught me to change the things I didn’t like about my life, and shake up stale situations with fresh actions and directions. My sister Dani from @neverlandstudio, who’s a ridiculously talented graphic designer and has worked with me to build the creative assets for all five of my businesses. My youngest sister, Julia who is a passionate youth worker and always reminds me that no matter how tough you think you have it, there are others suffering more deeply and you should always be grateful for what you’ve got.

The memories of my beautiful cousin Colette who dies last year of epilepsy but always lived a brave and unconditional life despite her illness, and of my Oma who was a dedicated business owner in a time when it was hard for women to make their mark. Of course, my BUF Girls team, who have always stuck true to our fun, real and educational fitness vision, even when there’s been the temptation to follow the crowds and do the “cool trainer” thing (boring though right!). Lastly, my two best friends - Sasha, who has held her head high through so many incredibly tough personal challenges, and Sarah who’s my co-founder for the latest business on my list @nurtureherglobal, who’s taught me to think differently about almost everything in life, including problems big and small.

Check out the BUF girls website at and check out the nearest session to you.

or follow Libby @libbybabet


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