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Inspiring Women - Heidi Anderson

Posted on May 09 2018



Welcome to our first series of Inspiring Women. Today we speak with the amazing Heidi Anderson breakfast radio presenter and blogger. She gives us an insight into her life and times she's had to become fearless. We love how raw and open Heidi is about her life and you will too!

1. Your a popular breakfast radio presenter in Perth, has it always been your passion to be a radio presenter or is there something else that you wanted to be when you were growing up?

I always wanted to work in radio for a very long time but I also wanted to be an actress and I spent many years doing speech and drama and competing in eisteddfods. Funnily enough one year they had a radio section & I won it. My Mum also has owned a coffee shop in Bathurst, since I was 5 or 6 and I always wanted to take it over, she offered it to me when I was 27 just before I got into radio and I said no.

2. At Fearless we are all about supporting women to embrace their bodies whatever size and shape they are. What moments in your life have you had to embrace the word Fearless and how has it shaped your life?

I think every day. Putting myself out there and not worrying what people say or think about you is fearless. Its taken me many self-help books, workshops, psych appointments, meditation sessions to not give as many fucks, and I am almost there. I know I'm not for everyone and that's ok, its taken me a long time to get here but god it feels good.

3. You have just completed a 90-day sobriety challenge, which is such an amazing achievement. How are you feeling and what was your reason for the challenge?

I feel amazing. Its been over 4 months now and I feel fantastic. I started it because I have never ever put my health first and I was sick at Christmas time so I needed to make a lifestyle change for the first time ever. In the past its always been about my weight and this year I had to start healing my body from the inside out. You can read about why and how great it is on my website updates are on their too

4. Working in such a demanding job stress levels can get quite high. How do you keep your mind and body balanced?

The biggest one is having alone time and getting away from the world. Tuning out and just sitting on the couch and watching really rubbish TV. I also exercise regularly, meditate, hang with friends, kiss my fiance and try new things to help myself like the Brain Wellness Spa, floats, read books, go to workshops.

5. We all have inspiring women in our life. Who has helped inspire you to become the woman you are today?

My Mum & Dad because they taught me to chase my dreams when Dad encouraged Mum to take a risk & to open her coffee shop when I was younger. He is the go-getter & I am too. My best friend Mel because she taught me, unconditional love. Griffo my fiance because he taught me to enjoy the simple things in life.Charlotte Crosby because she doesn't give a fuck what people think of her. And anyone who is brave enough to chase their dreams, I LOVE!!

Check out Heidi's blog or follow her on Instagram @realheidi


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